About Us

SAI INFO SOLUTIONS is more than 5 years in the SMS business,we are ready to take any task related to SMS solutions.SAI INFO SOLUTIONS is fastest leading company in the field of SMS services.SAI INFO SOLUTIONS provides you PUSH SMS tool for you to take the advantage of this service.These SMS tool have been shaped up by keeping in mind your needs & taste.It is a most crucial tool for fast and effective communication.

SAI INFO SOLUTIONS provides Push SMS (bulk SMS) service.
Tool can be used: To send messages with personalized fields. Save time and money depending on your specific business requirements.Allows you to inform single or 50,000 persons you wish to within seconds.Bulk SMS is a great way of expressing your thoughts, feelings, emotions or just be in contact at both personal and Official too.In India more people can be reached by SMS then with e-mail communication.

How to Use?

It is very simple & Friendly way to operate:

Every recipient can reach a SMS within few seconds as cellular/mobile phone are always near at hand.

(An SMS made AD easy)